Best Webcam for Zoom Meetings (2021): Reviews & Buyers Guide

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Best Webcam for Zoom Meetings

Not only does technology continue to advance to better our lives, but recently it was proven we needed technological advancements in order to continue on with our daily lives.


And what’s a popular question that has been coming up a lot?

What’s the best webcam for Zoom Meetings?


See our Editor’s Picks if you’re in a hurry!



Yes, Zoom has become one of the most used applications as of late.

So many people are working from home and needing every advantage they can get.


Anything that is going to make the process easier.


And also, many people have realized, if you have the right equipment, working from home can continue to be a smart reality moving forward.


At least, working from home more often.

Of course, this all had led to inquisitions from all over about webcams and pairing them with Zoom and using them for work reasons.


Everyone wants to know what’s the best webcam for Zoom meetings in 2021.

We’re going to help you to determine that in this article.


If you’re working from home, working remotely, or have any other multitude of reasons to need an excellent webcam for Zoom meetings and video conferences, we’ve got your back.


Luckily, there are plenty of stellar options.

So, rest assured, we’re going to help you choose a webcam and you’re going to love it.


We’ll just need to do a little research, a little digging for details and apply it all to your needs.


We want to make sure those Zoom meetings go off without a hitch while you’re working at home.


We want to give you everything you need so that you can feel as close to an experience of actually working at the workplace as possible.


Minus the fact that you might be wearing pajama pants.

But that’s alright, no one has to know.


We’ll keep the webcam trained on your professionally-dressed upper half and we’ll keep our eyes trained on all the pertinent details of the following webcams in this article.


So, let’s find you the best webcams for Zoom meetings!

Editors' Picks

Best Webcam for Zoom Meetings | Best High-Quality Picture Option for Home Use


Logitech C920S HD Pro


This option is the big brother from the Logitech family.

If you’re willing to pay a bit more, you get high-quality HD and excellent audio.


See the review section for in-depth tech details and pros & cons!

Best Webcam for Zoom Meetings | Best on a Budget


Logitech C270


This Zoom meeting webcam is the least expensive option here, which still gives you terrific audio and great HD video quality.


See the review section for in-depth tech details and pros & cons!

Best Webcam for Zoom Meetings | Best Rotational Option for Home Use


Microsoft LifeCam Cinema


This webcam rotates 360 degrees for the ease of the user.

It has also an excellent field of view and great qualities for an at-home webcam.


See the review section for in-depth tech details and pros & cons!

Best Webcam for Zoom Meetings | Best Budget Rotational Option for Home Use


Microsoft LifeCam HD-3000


This budget webcam rotates 360 degrees for the ease of the user.

It features some great qualities with video, audio and field of view, though in the Microsoft family, this is the option that’s less expensive.


See the review section for in-depth tech details and pros & cons!

Best Webcam for Zoom Meetings | Best On-The-Go Webcam


The Mevo Plus


This webcam is portable, has a 150-degree field of view and gives you excellent quality video and audio.


See the review section for in-depth tech details and pros & cons!

Best Webcam for Zoom Meetings | Best for FOV & Audio & Big-Team Meetings (The Absolute Best)


The Meeting Owl Pro


This will get the whole team in the picture easily with the 360-degree field of view and will pick up audio perfectly with its 8 smart mics.


See the review section for in-depth tech details and pros & cons!

As mentioned, we have several great options on this list.

All of them could be regarded as the best webcam for Zoom meetings in 2021.


Each one can serve many, many people very, very well.

But we do want to make sure we get the most exquisite one for you specifically.


For one, we’re going to make sure to go over all the pertinent details of each webcam.


We’ll explain how it is the details apply to you and your Zoom meetings and other possible use cases.


But we need to be sure to pinpoint what you want and what you need most.


Perhaps, explore your situation a bit so we can mor easily pick out your perfect webcam.


Think about how you’ll be using your webcam.

Think about what you want it to do.


What’s a necessity… and what’s just something you’re hoping for.


Even if you don’t have a whole lot of ideas in mind, I’m sure certain details we cover along the way we’ll jump out at you as important things.


Or maybe you’re fairly easy when it comes to webcam shopping and there’s just one or two things you’re looking for.


Whatever your situation is, try to come up with a list of priorities for yourself as we go through the list.


It will help a lot.

And don’t forget budget.

If you have one, it makes a big difference with this list.


If you’re not worried about money then you won’t have to think about that.


If cost is at least somewhat of a concern to you, then it might be best to put that up near the top of your priorities.


Luckily, we have something for everyone on this list.

These webcams are the best of the best.


Suiting many different needs for those working from home in 2021.

Working from home may have started off a bit on the bumpy side.


Perhaps things smoothed out as you got used to it.


But if it’s going to continue on even longer, then you need the working from home situation to go as smooth as it possibly can.


For many of us, that means Zoom meetings need to replicate real-life meetings as closely as possible.


Or at least offer a lot of positives to make the experience better.

And looking to purchase a great webcam is an excellent step in the right direction.


So, let’s find you the best webcam for Zoom meetings in 2021!

What’s the Best Webcam for Zoom Meetings in 2021?

Comparison Table for the Best Webcams for Zoom Meetings (2021)

Webcam View on Amazon Resolution Field of View (degrees) Audio
Logitech C920S HD Pro 1080p 78 2 Omni-directional mics
Logitech C270 720p 60 1 Omni-directional mic
Microsoft LifeCam Cinema 720p 73 1 Uni-directional digital mic
Microsoft LifeCam HD-3000 720p 68.5 1 Uni-directional mic
Mevo Plus 1080p 150 2 Omni-directional mics
Meeting Owl Pro 1080p 360 8 smart mics

Best Webcam for Zoom Meetings [2021]

1. Logitech C920S HD Pro | Best for High-Quality Picture Zoom Meetings for Home Use

We’ll start our reviews off with a webcam from a trusted brand, Logitech.

This is actually one of two webcams from Logitech that we’ll be talking about.


This one is the Logitech C920S HD Pro Webcam.


It costs about $80 which does make it the more expensive of the two Logitech options, but for plenty of good reasons.


Now, for the first four webcams we’ll review, we’ll be in one relative price range, and then there will be a big jump for the last two options on the list.


Among these first four, this is the second most expensive options.


Let’s dive into what that price tag gets for you.



The Logitech C290S HD Pro is an excellent choice for many reasons.


As mentioned, the first four webcams on this list are basically in one tier altogether.


And this is the second most expensive in that tier, however, it’s the only webcam in that tier that has a resolution of 1080p for your video calls.


That will ensure you have crystal clear picture when Zooming into business meetings.


If picture quality is of utmost importance, maybe if you need to be including visual aids in your meetings, then this may be the best webcam for Zoom meetings in that case.


Among these first four webcams, the C290S also has the largest field of view at 78 degrees, so you’ll get a nice wide angle for the webcam to capture.


And with 2 Omni-directional microphones for great stereo audio, it excels in this area as well.


These will deliver a quality experience to your Zoom meetings.


This webcam also features white light correction to provide you with better clarity in low-light situations, so don’t worry if the lighting in your home isn’t perfect.


No need to buy brighter light bulbs, just buy the C290S!


It also has auto-focus which works with ease, it features a privacy shutter and it operates at 30fps.


All in all, this is a great choice for Zoom meetings.


2. Logitech C270 Webcam | Best Budget Webcam for Zoom Meetings at Home

Now, we move on to another option from Logitech.

This is the Logitech C270 Webcam.


The cost of this webcam is much less than the last one we reviewed, totaling just around $35.


This is actually the least expensive webcam on this list, so it’s a great bargain if that’s what you’re looking for.


Now let’s see what you get for that bargain.



So, you will have to shill out a lot less money for this webcam, but there will be a few steps back in some areas.


For one, the resolution on the C270 is 720p.

Not as good as the C920S, but that’s still an HD resolution.


For some, it’s a Zoom meeting for work, but all that’s featured in the meetings is typically their face.


And so, they don’t need the very best quality, as long as it’s good enough.


The C270 is more than good enough as it still provides you with clear HD quality picture.


And at half the cost of the previous webcam from Logitech, this is the perfect choice for many.


The field of view is 60 degrees on this webcam, which is the smallest field of view on this list and a noticeable 18 degrees less than the last webcam.


Again, you’ll know of your own use cases.

If you sit right in front of the camera and don’t need a humongous field of view, 60 degrees is plenty for most people.


You’ll get 1 Omni-directional microphone, which yes, is one less than the last webcam.


However, it’s still omni-directional which is a nice advantage for providing great audio.


This is a fixed focus webcam and it also shoots at 30fps.


If you’re an office manager and need to get inexpensive webcams out to multiple employees that will still provide great quality and get the job done, then this may be the best webcam for Zoom meetings for you and your office!


3. Microsoft LifeCam Cinema | Best Rotational Webcam for Zoom Meetings at Home

Now, we’ll check out an option from Microsoft.

Meet the Microsoft LifeCam Cinema which plenty of at-home-workers are bound to love.


It costs about $100, which is the most expensive in our first tier of webcams that are $100 or less.


However, this is a high-quality webcam from a trusted brand that’s been around for years.


Let’s dive into the specifics.



This is another webcam that will afford you a resolution of 720p.

Once again, this isn’t quite the best HD you can get from these webcams, but it’s still HD.


Typical Zoom meetings often don’t require much better than HD quality video and this webcam won’t disappoint you there.


The field of view is 73 degrees which is the second widest field of view in this first tier.

This provides you with a wide enough angle to encompass a large enough picture for you.


You won’t feel the need to roll back in your chair to make sure you’re fully in frame.


We all have our own setups while working at home, this webcam operates with your setup with ease.


The audio situation with this webcam employs a unidirectional digital mic which will provide you with a great audio experience.


This microphone is also noise-canceling for pesky outdoor sounds or any loud neighbors you may have to endure.


This webcam has an aluminum body and premium glass lens so you know that’s constructed with high-quality materials.


It has autofocus and TrueColor Technology with face tracking so your picture will always stay in focus, stay focused on the right areas, and stay looking good overall.

And did we mention that this webcam can rotate 360 degrees?


That’s a nice plus in case your Zoom meeting is going on during the same time that you need to be tending to things at home.


Whether it be chasing a pet or a child or just taking care of some chores, this webcam from Microsoft can be adjusted as needed.


4. Microsoft LifeCam HD-3000 | Best Budget Rotational Webcam for Zoom Meetings at Home

Staying with the brand Microsoft, we have another option, the Microsoft LifeCam HD-3000.


We’re also staying in the same tier of webcams that we’ve been in.

This excellent option from Microsoft is around $70.


So, you’ll notice it’s less expensive than the last webcam and also the second cheapest one on our list.


So, let’s see what kind of perks you can get at this lower price.



Here we have another resolution of 720p which again, isn’t the best HD around, but it is HD nonetheless.


Sure, there are people out there who want the highest quality picture for their Zoom meetings.


But more often than not, people just want good picture quality as it is only a meeting.


And this is actually great picture quality from the HD-3000.

The average Zoom meeting attendee will have no qualms with this webcam.


And though this webcam gives you 720p live video calling, it does actually provide you with 1080p video recording.


So, that’s a nice benefit for some out there.


Though not the smallest field of view, this is the second smallest and you will also notice that this webcam from Microsoft has a smaller field of view than the last option.


The 68.5-degree field of view is still enough for typical usage.

It’s a slight drop from the last option, but if it’s just you in front of your computer, this is more than enough.


Also, some people don’t want a large field of view as they may need to step away from a meeting to tend to something off-camera.


A smaller field of view can be an advantage there.

You’ll get one unidirectional microphone with this webcam which is also noise-canceling.


This is a great benefit if you don’t want outside noises causing a distraction in your meetings.


This webcam also features Microsoft’s TrueColor Technology with excellent color correction and ability to shift exposure in a way so your picture never becomes muddled or hard to see.


This technology coming at the cost of this webcam provides you with excellent value.


And this webcam is another to have 360-degree rotational capability, so don’t feel like you’re confined to one space during your Zoom meetings.


5. Mevo Plus | Best On-The-Go Webcam for Zoom Meetings

As we leave the tier we were just exploring, we enter a new tier of webcams.


These next two webcams are much more expensive, but for those that are interested in them, they sure do offer a lot.


This first one we will review is the Mevo Plus.

The cost of this webcam is around $600.


As we mentioned, much more expensive than the last four.

However, these webcams fill a certain need for their users.


So, let’s take a look at exactly what that is.



Right off the bat, two things will stand out about the Mevo Plus.


One is the resolution of 1080p, which is comparable to the first Logitech webcam on the list and better than the rest of what we have seen.


Crystal clear images for you while you do your video calls.

The next big stand out is the 150-degree field of view!


That’s bordering on a half a circle right there, meaning you have a huge range in which your webcam can capture images.


With this webcam placed on top of a computer, it will see everything in front of it and just about everything to either side.


This is great if you have extra surroundings you want to incorporate into your calls.


And you’ll also get two omni-directional microphones in order to provide your video calls with excellent audio.


Now, all of that is good and fine, and you can see some reasons why the cost is higher with the Mevo Plus… but what else does it have in store for you?


4K video recording is one fantastic option for those that want the absolute best quality there.


Live video and audio editing are something you’re able to do with this Mevo as well.


And the reason they call this the best on-the-go option, it’s got Bluetooth 4.1 and mobile device compatibility.


Say your ‘working from home’ or is more like ‘working on the go’… or that’s what you want it to be… then choose Mevo.


If you feel like working in the backyard, down by the beach, a trail with a shady area to sit away from your house, wherever… take the Mevo Plus with you and it allows you to work, do Zoom calls, wherever you are.


If you want to work from any location of your choosing, then the Mevo Plus is the best webcam for Zoom meetings.


6. Meeting Owl Pro | Best Webcam for FOV & Audio & Big-Team Zoom Meetings (Absolute Best)

And lastly, we take a look at the big bird of the list.


This is the Meeting Owl Pro.

This is quite the webcam to add to your working situation.


The cost is around $1,000, so yes, it’s the most expensive webcam on this whole list.

But for good reason.



The resolution is an excellent 1080p for crystal clear HD quality pictures for your video calls.


You’ll have no complaints with the picture quality on your Zoom calls with the Meeting Owl Pro.


Here’s one of the best features, the one most people look to the Meeting Owl Pro for.


The field of view is 360 degrees!

 That’s right, a full circle.


This is the type of webcam you place in the center of a table and if you have multiple people you want to get in on your Zoom call, no one needs to squish together and sit inches apart.


Sit around the table at your own comfort and this webcam will get you all.

This is an excellent option for offices that meet with other offices over Zoom.


A company with offices in multiple locations, cities, etc.


Get multiple teams together and have everyone able to join in together without trying to configure too much with positioning and all that.


Just place it in the center of the table and everyone in the room is on camera!


The Meeting Owl Pro has a nice loud speaker, automatic speaker focus, and an impressive 8 smart microphones included!


You’ll never have an issue with audio with this bird.

It’s going to sound like you’re talking to people right in the same room with you.


In addition to its panoramic view, it can also connect to multiple rooms.

So, this just adds more and more to the flexibility.


It’s quite clear to see that if you have a big team needing to do a lot of meetings with other teams in other locations, then this is the best webcam for Zoom meetings.


Best Webcam for Zoom Meetings — Buyers Guide

We’ve reviewed the best webcams for Zoom meetings in 2021, and now let’s break it down for you even further.


Let’s continue to help you with this endeavor of finding your very best webcam for Zoom meetings.


Some of you may read all the details above and will have gained a much better understanding of which webcam is best for you.


Some of you may still need some more information to narrow it down.

And that’s alright.


It isn’t always so cut and dry.


It’s not so easy for everyone to point to one webcam because of one of its qualities and say, “That’s the one for me.”


Whether there are multiple things you’re looking for, whether you have a dynamic check list of what you need, or whether you just need to explore the different scenarios more, we’re here for you.


Specific use cases or some general scenarios people find themselves in with webcams can be great learning experiences for others.


That’s what we want to explore with you now.


We’ll go over a lot of the most frequently asked questions that people have when looking for the best webcam for Zoom meetings in 2021.


We’ll provide answers for those questions and learning all of that will be sure to help you out.


It may give you some clues and some hints as to what scenario you may be in when you use your webcam.


It may make you realize what types of things are most important for you… perhaps details you hadn’t thought of before.


It’s always advantageous to learn from others’ experiences and questions.

So, let’s do just that.

What’s the best webcam for Zoom meetings for a whole team?

Here, you’re going to want to go with the Meeting Owl Pro with it’s 360-degree field of view.


No more needing to cram a bunch of people around a table to all fit on screen, this Owl gets everyone in the room.


This would be for a large team.


You can also make an argument for a smaller team that you could go with the Mevo Plus and its 150-degree field of view.


It’s less expensive and still a fantastic choice.

What’s the best webcam for Zoom meetings in terms of great audio?

The absolute best is the most expensive one, the Meeting Owl Pro.


If money is not an issue for you, then go with these 8-smart mic options.

It’s flat out incredible.


However, if this is for you, and just you, while you work from home, you can choose the Logitech C920S HD Pro as it has 2 omni-directional microphones and delivers excellent audio to you.


And this option is much cheaper… to the tune of about 1/10 the price of the Owl.

What’s the best webcam for Zoom meetings on a budget?

I’ll give two options.

You have the least expensive option on the list, the Logitech C270.


It gives you great quality for a very low price.

However, the 60-degree field of view may leave a bit more to be desired for you.


In that case, I would say consider the Microsoft LifeCam HD-3000 which is the second cheapest webcam on this list and has a considerably better field of view at 68.5 degrees.


Still not close to the best but this gives you a wider range to operate in while doing your Zoom meetings where ever you are.

What’s the best on-the-go webcam for Zoom meetings?

For people with this exact question, I have this exact answer… the Mevo Plus.


It was made for exactly that.

A webcam on-the-go!

Zoom meetings on-the-go!


It’s portable, has fantastic picture quality and audio quality and an impressive field of view so you don’t have to worry about getting situated perfectly in front of it.

What’s the best webcam for Zoom meetings at home if I’m always moving around?

Two choices I would pick out for you here.


The Microsoft LifeCam Cinema is the absolute best option her with excellent video, audio and a 360 degrees rotational feature to move around with you as you move around.


It also has a great 73-degree field of view.


You could also go with the less expensive Microsoft LifeCam HD-3000 which still features the 360 degrees rotational feature along with great video and audio but has a slightly smaller field of view at 68.5 degrees.


Both webcams have Microsoft’s TrueColor Technology which features face-tracking and the ability to deal with exposure and other issues so that your picture stays near-perfect.

What’s the best webcam for Zoom meetings if I’m working from home but need excellent picture quality?

If you’re going to be using visual aids or need the best picture quality for whatever reason, but it’s just you working from home, might we suggest the Logitech C920S HD Pro?


This webcam is in the first tier we reviewed, meaning it’s under $100.

No need to spend too much money if it’s just you at home.


But this webcam gives you the best resolution and picture quality among the four webcams in that first tier.


You will not be disappointed by that beautiful 1080p.

Best Webcam for Zoom Meetings — Summary

There you go, the 6 best webcams for Zoom meetings in 2021 and all the specific reasons they are the best.


If you want to go all out for you and your big work team, the Meeting Owl Pro will give you complete satisfaction.


If you want to Zoom into meetings on-the-go, check out the Mevo Plus.


If you want the best quality picture but it’s just you working from home, the Logitech C920S HD Pro will be your new best friend.


360-degree rotational feature most important to you while you work from home?


The Microsoft LifeCam Cinema and the Microsoft LifeCam HD-3000 have then got you covered.


Just want something that works great but isn’t a huge hit to your wallet?

Then hello, Logitech C270, nice to meet you.


Whatever it is that you need, these webcams are excellent choices.


If there’s a few details needing to be checked off on your list, all these webcams excel in multiple areas.


Just prioritize your desires, look down your list, and you can find a webcam that suits your specific needs easily.


You’d be hard-pressed to not be satisfied with one of the above options.


So, order that webcam, ship it to the office, ship it to your house, or ship it to your doorstep so that you can take it off the beaten path… no matter what you want, there’s a phenomenal webcam waiting for you!